From Birth to Boom: Serving The Silicon Valley for More than Four Decades

Who was there when Silicon Valley was emerging as the world technology leader in semiconductors and advanced computer systems?

Who provided engineering services and temporary personnel in those formative years: the '60s and '70s: to then little-known companies such as Intel, National Semiconductor, AMD, Tandem Computers, KLA Instruments, and Applied Materials?

Who provided executive search services in the '80s and early '90s for management-level marketing, sales, and engineering professionals for the rapid-growth networking, telecommunications, and wireless start-ups ?: SynOptics Communications/Bay Networks (Nortel), Network General, Motorola Wireless, Sun Microsystems, Sytek and Ungermann Bass?

Who , today, is providing consulting, advisory, and specialized recruiting services to the next-generation technology companies and defense contractor, Broadband Services, Wi-Fi Networks, GPON chipsets, IP telephony, machine human interface software, packet optical switches, components/sub-systems, BPM/SOA software platforms, TWTs, M/W Amplifiers. Abrizio (PMC-Sierra), AT&T Labs, EO Networks, WinNet MCS, Calix Networks, Avanex Corp., AnthroTronix, Cordys, dbControl.........?

The answer to all of these questions...? ZATKOVICH & ASSOCIATES

Today's economy demands that your company be at its competitive best. Now might be a good time to evaluate and strengthen your team. Remember, the person who could have the greatest impact on your organization probably:


  • Doesn't know your company
  • Isn't actively searching for a new position
  • Is productive, satisfied, and highly regarded at his or her present company
  • Will listen to opportunities, but only in confidence when presented by qualified retained search firms

That's where we come in....ZATKOVICH & ASSOCIATES

Executive Search, Consultants and Advisors to Silicon Valley since 1967

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