"Gary understands the issues that exist in the rapid pace of a high-tech start-up company. Zatkovich & Associates has a consistent history of locating those executive marketing and engineering professionals who possess the necessary experience and entrepreneurial spirit to be successful in that unique environment."

Mr. Garrett Gruener, Partner, Alta Partners, Venture Capitalists
(Co-Founder, Ask.com)
Venture Capitalists
San Francisco, California
Email: Garrettg@altapartners.com

"...cost-effective, network technology-specific executive search services to the emerging high-technology companies..."

Mr. Anders Swahn, CEO/Founder
Abrizio Networks (purchased by PMC Sierra)
Santa Clara, California

"Zatkovich & Associates has demonstrated, in a variety of difficult situations, their ability and intuitiveness in selecting executive management personnel for a company in transition, or major restructuring. "

Mr. Walter Alessandrini, CEO/Chairman, Ometric, Managing Partner - Trelys Fund
(former CEO, Chairman, Avanex Corporation)
Columbia, South Carolina

" When we formed AT&T Labs, San Jose, CA, in 1996, Zatkovich & Associates contributed to our growth in the Internet/Intranet backbone systems business by filling key positions in our marketing and engineering organizations. It was extremely important that they complemented our highly advanced technology development team. After all, there is a big difference between 10,000 parts flying in close formation and an airplane. "

Dr. Dalibor "Dado" Vrsalovic, (former) President, Internet Services, VP Enterprise Platforms Group
(formerly Vice President/COO/CTO AT&T Labs, Internet Platforms, an AT&T Company, San Jose, California
Intel Corporation
Santa Clara, California

" It's always a pleasant surprise to find an intermediary on the other side of the table with good business instincts to assist in shepherding a deal to closing. Gary understands the win-win objective of a good transaction. "

William H. "Bill" Harlow, VP Acquisitions, HEICO Corp.
Hollywood, FL.