Zatkovich & Associates has developed a thorough, comprehensive executive search process to match the right person to your position. Our process methodology includes the following features:

Executive Database: All potential candidates are sourced from Zatkovich & Associates' private, continually updated database.

No Syndication: Zatkovich & Associates does not utilize any assistance, shared databases, or outside agreements with other search firms.

Hands-on Search: Search activities are performed and directed by Gary Zatkovich.

Background Verification: Before any resume presentation, each candidate is personally interviewed, preliminary reference checks are performed, and personality and cultural evaluations are made.

Broad Search: Typically, 30-plus candidates are evaluated for a position, and the client company is presented with the top 2 or 3 candidates.

Phased Process: The resume of the first candidate presented by Zatkovich & Associates begins a process that hones and clarifies the specific experience, capabilities, and personality traits required of the successful candidate. If the first candidate presented is not an exact match after being interviewed by the client, he or she will serve as a benchmark for the candidates who follow.

Negotiation Assistance: With start-ups and pre-IPO high-tech companies, executive positions, responsibilities, compensation plans, objectives, and stock options vary considerably from company to company. This variation results in part from differences in company size, maturity, revenue, contract awards, funding, and market positioning. Using our unique third-party position, Zatkovich & Associates will assist your executive staff and our candidates with healthy, effective, thorough negotiations by addressing any issues that may be confrontational or potential "deal breakers" i.e., stock options, vesting schedules, definition of the career path, long- and short-term personal and company objectives/goals, and exit packages.

Final Decision: The decision to employ a specific candidate is reserved exclusively as the ultimate responsibility of the client.